Having Fun in Wedding Photography

  • Being a photographer is not easy and time will never go on your side.
  • Most people think that photography is boring.
  • Photography is the most stressful profession.

Generally, being a photographer is not easy and time will never go on your side; you have to meet the client’s deadline, prepare for another wedding shoot and more. So basically, you don’t have enough time for yourself and to your family. However, even if photography is the most stressful profession, I still chose to stick with it because seeing your clients happy with my work is all worth it. In fact, it’s not only me who’s going through a tiring and stressful journey, even my clients or the bride and groom to be are having a difficult time too.

Most people think that photography is boring and dull since all you have to do is pose and give enough smile. Honestly, having fun in a wedding shoot is not prohibited.  As a photographer, I even encourage my clients to be as comfortable as possible so that we will all have a smooth and great client-photographer relationship. I get impatient at times, especially when my clients are not cooperative, but instead of reprimanding or argue with them, I make things that will do well for everyone like giving them a break, establishing rapport, ask them ideas they want to incorporate and etc..

I like the idea of having fun while covering a wedding shoot because it’s much easier for me to take real smiles and emotions. Also, I don’t need to put much effort when editing since the images are natural; all I ever need is to download third party workflows like Lightroom presets wedding black and white if they want it to be unique.

So if you’re having tough times in your photography career, take the time to relax, don’t be too professional, give your clients more time to be their selves to have a perfect wedding shot.

Lifting Photography with Lightroom Fanatic

  • A collection of the best free and paid presets online with Lightroom Fanatic
  • Stylized presets that can create stunning effects on your photo
  • Brushes from Lightroom Fanatic that can edit details in your photos

Photography nowadays is having a lift. Gone are those conventions, old-fashioned ways of editing and enhancing your photos. Your friendly neighborhood photographer can have his own vacation right now because a lot of the stuff that he’s doing is now possible with the help of these photo-enhancing apps. Not even a dark room can be of use as far modern photography goes.

Enter Lightroom Fanatic. If you haven’t tried using these apps for the development of your photos, you might want to start it now. Lightroom Fanatic is your one-stop shop when it comes to the enhancements of your portrait and landscape photos.


Lightroom Fanatic offers the best deals in town. They have a collection of free and paid presets for your photos. And these presets, by the way, come in a variety of form and style, perfect for those who want to experiment effects on their underwater action camera pictures.

This Lightroom Fanatic is so unique in that you can add a keyword to your images for easy find. Such a feature that you won’t see with other photo enhancing solutions. Plus the fact that you can insert a media card as soon as you launch Lightroom Fanatic.

Their presets collection, from portraits to landscapes, allows you to come up with effects that are visually stunning, images that even your wildest imagination will run wild even further.

Go find Lightroom Fanatic today, and see for yourself their long list of presets that will definitely do wonders with your photos.

Enough of posting banal, unimaginative photos on your social page or website, you can start enhancing these images with the help of Lightroom Fanatic. They have the best collection of free and paid presets online, including those brushes, so you can edit even those details in your photo.

Lightroom Fanatic is the lift that photography has been experiencing lately.

Three Things to Avoid When Taking Landscape Photographs

  • Three landscape photography mistakes that you should avoid.
  • Photographers assume that cameras are enough.
  • Landscape photography is about having the best subject.

As photographers, we already know that there are so many things that needs to be done in every photo session. Sometimes, when we become excited and overwhelmed with the subject, the view or scene and the theme, we tend to forget a lot of important things like getting a clear shot of the subject and focusing on the scenic view.

So, in this article, we will talk about three landscape photography mistakes that you should avoid when taking landscape photographs.


Holding the camera manually

There are three styles of landscape photography; Vague, Realistic and Abstract. Among these three, vague landscape is the only style that includes blurring of images. However, to get the best landscape shots, holding the camera manually, is not helpful. You need to have at least one or two tripods to avoid blurring the image. Also, using of tripods can help you get a clearer shot of your subject.

Not using a post production software

Most amateur photographers assume that because they have the best and advanced DSLR cameras, they don’t need the help of post processing or editing tools like Photoshop or Lightroom. This is basically a bad idea, because in all forms of photography, you need to process it in a post processing software to help you improve your images. By using either Photoshop or Lightroom, you can apply the appropriate presets or actions for landscape.

Not having a clear subject

Landscape photography is about having the best and clear subject. However, in most cases, photographers tend to overlook the scene and just take pictures without having a clear subject, theme and ideas in mind. Always remember that in Landscape Photography, there is always mountains, rivers, deserts, oceans and lakes in it.

Installing Presets Quickly via Lightroom 

  • 12 simple photo editing steps through LIghtroom
  • Guide in producing beautiful, quality photos
  • Photo editing tools you need to know for your pictures

LR27You may have heard about Lightroom presets and how it is making waves in the photography world as the ultimate photo-enhancing app. But the question now would be, how do you install these Lightroom presets on your PC?

Like the famous adage, “there are many ways of skinning a cat”, that too can be applied when installing Lightroom presets.

Yes, there are many ways of “skinning it”, especially on how to install Lightroom presets in a few steps.

Here’s how:

  1. First, you need to download these presets. Either you buy or use these free presets available online.
  2. Then unzip the file from your downloaded folder.
  3. After which, open Lightrom
  4. After opening it, click “Edit” and choose “Preferences” (you will notice a new window will pop up)
  5. Then click “Presets Tab”
  6. After clicking the “Presets Tab”, click “Show Lightroom Presets Folder”(see Location)
  7. Locate and double-click the folder (Lightroom)
  8. Open “Develop Presets”
  9. Then copy your downloaded presets you.
  10. Paste it in the User Presets folder (found inside Develop Presets)
  11. Close and open Lightroom again
  12. The try your new presets. Import that photo after which click “Develop”. On your left side, you will see a list of available presets, locate “User Presets” and find the presets you just installed. Then you are good to go.

This is how to install Lightroom presets in a few steps. But after installing these presets though, don’t be caught up with the usual system of using it. Lightroom has tools whereby you can experiment it with your photos.

Nevertheless, the important thing to remember is to get acquainted with its tools if it’s your first time using it.

Lightroom is making photo editing so easy that even ordinary photo enthusiasts can create stunning images on their photos.

No need to seek any help with a professional photographer. Only download these presets and the idea of producing beautiful pictures is just a matter of getting the right tools.

The web is a depository of these free Lightroom presets, so anytime you can get it and enjoy its benefits afterwards. Start using these presets for your photos now, either making an album out of it or posting that favorite picture of yours on your webpage. Make it a habit to include Lightroom when you enhance your pictures, you will soon find out that it is the secret behind those beautiful photos online.

Favorite Presets through Lightroom 5

  • A sampling of cool and colorful presets from Lightroom 5
  • Discover Lightroom 5 presets that enhances photos like a seasoned photographer
  • Lightroom 5 preset that creates a cinematic feel on your photo

It’s as if there’s a festival going on in the web. And these are not people flocking their way to witness their favorite band play, these are Lightroom 5 presets that I love to use for my photos.

LR22Yes, there’s so many of them that at times you are at a loss on how to use them on your photos. But these are unique quality presets that allows you to enhance your pictures in a professional way. Not an upstart really, but more like a seasoned photographer in the process.

That’s the effect of these Lightroom 5 presets that I love since incorporating them on my photos.  Let us take a closer look though at some of these Lightroom 5 presets and see if they fit in perfectly with our photo images.

  1. “Cinematic Lightroom Presets” – Many flocked to the movies because of its cool graphics, and if you can recreate that “suspension of disbelief” on your photo, you are more or less presenting your photo images as if it comes directly from that wide screen. This preset is a classic example of putting that interactive feel on your photo.
  2. “Epic Lightroom Presets for Weddings” – Weddings are special events worthy of posterity. And Lightroom 5 has its own collection of presets for weddings too to complete that heavenly feeling of saying “I do” to your loved one. It has tools for you to intensify the radiance of your subjects (newly-weds) as if you are on the scene, witnessing it yourself.
  3. “Black and White Film Presets” – Neutral colors do have a profound effect on your viewers. This is the preset to use when you’re trying to highlight the character of your subject.
  4. “Faded Film Look Preset” – If you want a more worn out look on your photo, then this is the preset for you, which is also available with Lightroom 5. This preset works best if you want to establish that “It had seen better days” motif on a new photo. The effect, however, never fails to make an impression on your viewers

This is just a sampling of the many Lightroom 5 presets that I love. You can have your own favorite Lightroom 5 presets too, presets that suits your style and preference. So don’t waste time though and download these presets now. Remember, knowing the right tools for your photo editing is the only solution at times of producing cool quality photos.

Photo Enhancing that Fits Your Style  

  • Free Photoshop brushes available online
  • Enhancing your photos that fit your style
  • Photoshop brushes in sets that allow detailed editing

Ever since the arrival of Photoshop brushes as an enhancing tool in photography, it has steadily gaining ground as the choice of professional photographers and designers. Most of them would argue that because of its user-friendly tools, they were able to save time as far as adding the necessary improvements on their pictures.

If you are the kind who has that penchant for churning out artsy designs on your photo images, then these Photoshop brushes perfectly fit in. It allows you to create that sort of artwork on your photo, enabling you to have that detailed enhancement on it,

LR42The web though has a long list of the best free Photoshop brushes you can download and use. So if you are particularly meticulous about changing certain lines on your photo, trying to accentuate its texture, and even add cloud patterns on it, these Photoshop brushes can do the work for you.

These best free Photoshop brushes come with different features, but they all have one thing in common, and that is, to provide detailed enhancements on your photos to make it look more prominent and stunning.

These brushes are designed by artists and developers with different backgrounds and design preference. So you would know that each collection carries an amount of diversity on it. And you would notice, as soon as you download these brushes, that they have no limitations, so you can experiment with it even as you are only limited by your imagination.

You can increase the number of stars on your evening landscape scene; you can create a fiery feeling with its fire brushes, or splash a symbolic image in there like a Pollock. These Photoshop brushes can do a handful of tricks for the enhancement of your photos.

Keep in mind that these brushes come in set form, so you can explore other brushes too that might be appropriate to your photo image. Samples of these sets are “Fairy Tale”, “Dry Brush” and even “Subtle Brush”, all the effects you can think of, it has its corresponding brush to it.

So download these best free Photoshop brushes on your gadget now and start brushing it on your photos. Experiment with it, employ the appropriate brush stroke on your photo images, and enjoy its beautiful outcome.

Enhancing your photos has never been this smooth. Now you can do your retouching without altering the whole image. With Photoshop brushes, you can even do that in a subtle way.

Ways on How to Create Lightroom Presets

  • Simple ways of creating presets in Lightroom
  • Professional photographers have switched from using Adobe Photoshop to Lightroom
  • Photographers have their own style

Creating your own set of presets need not to be as complicated as other people think. In this article, we will talk about the simplest ways of creating Lightroom presets.

Professional photographers have their own sense of styles of modifying their images. It is their own little way of building their signature styles that define their work from other well-known photographers. In addition, when they use Lightroom, they don’t need to spend longer hours in creating presets.


Basically, there are a lot of professional photographers that have switched from using Adobe Photoshop to Lightroom because they know the software can help them speed up the whole process by making presets and applying it to one or more images at once.

Listed below are the step by step process on how to create a preset in Lightroom. However, if you want more presets, you can get a Sleeklens presets at www.sleeklens.com.

  • Choose an image you’d like to modify
  • Go directly to the Develop Module
  • Explore the panel on the left side, you will see the preset options located at the top of the navigator in the interface.
  • Find the add button and click it
  • A new box will pop up on the interface and check all the settings you want to use in your preset (use the most useful editing adjustments)
  • Give the new preset a name so that you’ll remember it (Use unique keywords)
  • Once you’re done naming the preset, scroll down and look for the user preset option. In this panel, you will find your newly added Lightroom preset.
  • Select an unedited image, choose a preset you want and you will see the result immediately. (Take note that presets are modifiable, you can edit it as long as you want.)

So, there you go, by following these steps, you can now create your own and personalized presets.

Watch this video tutorial below and learn how to create a preset:

The Importance of Using Ready-Made Layouts

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re an amateur or a professional designer, creating a massive number of new templates for your workload can be a tiring and exhausting task. In addition, there is nothing more exasperating than being stuck in staring at a black page because you don’t have enough ideas to create more templates. That is the reason why most professional designers prefer using ready made free or paid templates for their tasks to save time and effort.


Why do we need to use templates?

Whether you’re preparing for a certain occasion such as wedding, baptismal, thanksgiving, graduation, birthdays or other events, if you plan to create your own, customized invitations, you probably want to think of another way like downloading free templates online so as to save more time and do other relevant tasks.

Some freelance designers and publishers have done a great job in creating ready-made templates to help organizers and planners simplify their preparation process. You can check out more wonderful and great designs online or in Sleeklens, Infoparrot, Livestrong, Behance, DeviantArt and the other known portfolio sites. The people behind these sites are professional and amateur contributors. You can check more free templates on Infoparrot’s website or click on this link: http://www.infoparrot.com/thanksgiving-templates-for-professional-and-personal-use/.

Watch the video here and learn how to design a template:

Finding HIGH-QUALITY  Templates

So, the question here is, where to look for the best templates and what to look for it. Some work-related software such as Microsoft Office comes with a variety of built-in software. But, if you want to look beyond, you can get thousands of free templates online.

If you still can’t find the best template that will fit in your event’s theme, there are companies that offer packages in which you can ask them to create a personalized template for you. In this way, you get the design that you want and save more time.