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Unlike with other cultures and traditions, Asians seem to have a lot more details involved in their traditions and practices, and this is what makes them much more interesting because you have a lot to do and be a part of. These traditions and details are not only limited to the practices done on the wedding day but to everything in general. Here are some tips to help you plan an Asian wedding to suit your culture and styles.

Schedule the timing 

Time is practically the most important detail that you need to work out when planning any wedding or event. The earlier you start off with this planning the easier it is for you to work out your plans for the other details. You cannot book a venue to host your wedding in a day or even a month before, that is why it is necessary that you schedule things beforehand.

In addition to that the decorations, the bridal gown, the catering and all other details should all be planned appropriately so that there would be no mishaps on your big day. And with the number of traditions and practices followed in Asian weddings, planning things ahead of time is very much necessary!

Pick the best theme

The more things are decorated to a particular theme the easier it is to incorporate and connect them all. So when you are planning your wedding do make sure that you pick a particular theme to connect all the details to. If you are going with your own culture and traditions and incorporating them to your wedding theme, then make sure you pay attention to the little details and see if you are able to get them all organized, especially if you are hosting your wedding far away from your birth country. Regardless of whatever the theme for the day might be, don’t forget the singapore photobooth so that you can hold on to those wonderful memories in physical form throughout the years to come!

Mix tradition and food 

Catering is another big part of any wedding. You should be able to serve the right foods so that the day would end and be remembered in a good day. The best way to give your big day the Asian touch is by incorporating these flavors and traditional dishes to your catering menu. This would not only keep you feeling close to home but would also give the guests an opportunity to try something new. So don’t disregard the idea of incorporating your traditional Asian dishes to the menu even if you are hosting modern wedding.

Consider the above tips and plan one memorable Asian wedding!


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