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In a business, marketing is a huge part of its functions. It is only if marketing is nailed right would the rest of the business function. And so, as a part of marketing, designing advertisements to be played on TV and social media apps like Facebook and Instagram are produced. However, if these aren’t produced in an attractive and interesting way, there is no way would it get the right attention that it is aimed at achieving. So here are some mistakes you need to know when designing such ads.

Not having a story

Everything has to have a story. If there is no story then there is no interesting element to look forward to nor is it going to be as impactful as you expect it to be. A story behind any advertisement adds an extra touch to the message that you are trying to convey. It also makes it more memorable in the viewers mind. Therefore, having a story behind any ad that you design is a must especially if it is the video kind. Regardless of how good the animation production singapore you used might have been, the lack of a connection told through a story is certainly not going to make it stand out from your competitor’s. So, make sure that you pay attention to this detail. The easiest tip to help you create a story is to first focus on the beginning which is the problem, then the solution for it and finally the benefits one would gain by using your product. This way you can easily send a message and promote your product!

Don’t think too much

Advertisements need to be fun or quirky to be memorable. However, if you go too deep in to whatever that you are trying to communicate, there is certainly going to be a problem in conveying the right message that you want to send. So, make sure that you avoid the mistake of overthinking things. Instead keep it simple so that it reaches any person regardless of their age!

Don’t stretch it out

Another important detail that you need to remember when you are producing video advertisements is to make sure that it doesn’t exceed a certain time period. Regardless of how interesting and fun your content might be, viewers are going to hate it if it plays too long while they wait for their show to resume. So, limit whatever you have to say to 130 – 140 words and a video that doesn’t exceed more than half a minute.

Take the above tips in to account and design your ads right, to gain the perfect amount of attention and interest for your business and product!


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