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Whatever it is that you plan on celebrating, there are fun and new things that can make help boost the enjoyment of your guests whenever they are in your event. Big or small, these are the must haves to make your event stick into everyone’s minds and really get a help boost the success of your event


If you want to liven up an event, especially if majority of the participants are millennials and does not involve any professional or academic conference, then bringing in a mixologist will help set the mood for everyone to have some fun throughout the ocassion. To add to the fun, these professional mixologists add stunts as they mix their drinks which appeals to any age groups while making the best drinks to serve to your participants.


Everyone is fond of taking pictures, especially during an event. This is when people are able to post in reael time the things that are happening during your event, make testimonials and opinions about it, as well as show how much they had fun while they were at your event. A good way to give your guests some treat is hiring malaysia photo booth services wherein guests can line up at the photobooth to, wear some of the wacky accessories that are around, have their photos taken by a professional team, and wait for it to get printed in an instant. They even upload these photos online so people will be able to tag themselves, as well as post it on their social media accounts.

Make a contest

A popular contest today is incorporating social media with their event. And it is also a great way to get free advertisement for corporate/business events. With this, organizers could tell to the audience to post a picture of them during the event with a specific hashtag, and by the end of the event they will pick the winner of whoever was able to garner the most likes! This enables your participants to be more socially interactive with the people in the event as well as those who are not.

Make your own drink

A truly fun way for you to make your participants enjoy the rest of their stay in your event is by letting them make their own drink! Through this, your mixologist or bartenders can even offer to help and supervise as they provide tips on making their drink.

Spruce up your event with things that you know will make your guests happy, interactive, and enjoy every moment spent during their event. This enables you to set the bar for future events that will make let people keep waiting for the next time you host another event.

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