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If you run a marketing division at your company and you are in charge of launching a new product or idea to the public, you may be wondering what exactly you need to do. Of course, you know the basics – what you have to market, how you are going to market it primarily. However, you may be stumped about how you can make people take notice of the launch – what can you do, what attractions can you present to make the launch interesting and engaging? Read below to find out.


Make it Flashy

The best thing you can hope to achieve from your product launch is attention, and so it follows that the presentation and display should be eye catching and attractive. You need to make sure that this is the right kind of attractiveness – the designs of the posters, LED screens and other devices should be well done and pretty, to say the least, and not flashy or gaudy.

Flash the Camera

Something that people love is to have pictures of themselves taken. Therefore, one of the ways you can make sure your product or concept is made aware to the general public is to line the busy streets of Singapore photo booth near the stalls where your product is advertised, give the customers props related to the product and set a condition where they can only take pictures if they take a sample with them. You can hire these out from event companies and general vendors who exist all around the country – you will have a lot of luck if you look online and ask from other event managers for recommendations. The psychology behind this is that customers will remember the product they had to sample when they took the picture, which will prompt them to buy it or inquire after it.


Make Social Statements

Something that you can do to get national or even international attention is to centre your launch around a certain social issue that you are trying to solve or combat. Since your country is one that is largely prevalent in international contexts, this can definitely work if you choose your issue properly. One such issue that you could pick on is gender equality, and market your launch to match the ideology behind the movement. Similarly, female empowerment, ridding the world of poverty are popular issues that people are invested in, usually.


Having a good product is half the battle. The important thing after that is to market it to the right people, and having the right attractions is always the key to success.


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