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Photography is an art that just like painting or writing has its own unique style. So, depending on who is doing it, a signature would be commonly seen though it may or may not be clearly visible at once. However, as a beginner taking up a role in this field, there is long way you need to go to be able to embed your own signature in a popular way. Here are some tips you could use to do so.

Know the rule of the thirds

The rule of the thirds is probably the most basic thing any one getting in to photography should know. According to this principle that frame that you are taking the picture through is either literally divided in to 3 by 3 with virtual grid line or you have got to imagine it in your head and take your image. This principle in fact helps just about any person balance out their image in a way where much effort need not be made. So aligning components along the lines, matching the natural lines existing to those in the grid or even placing details at the intersection of the grid lines would help a lot in capturing the perfect image. Even if it is corporate photography singapore this technique would go a long way in balancing out detail!

Avoid shakes

One of the most important rules that you need to follow when capturing any image is that you need to keep steady. Whether it is your body or the camera stability is essential to capture a clear image unless you are deliberately aiming for a shaky pic. So adjust your shutter speeds, align the image and use a camera stand in case you are unable to maintain this balance. However since the use of a camera stand may get in the way of certain pictures, you need to develop the practice of maintaining balance by yourself.

Know to balance exposure

Just like the rule of the thumbs the exposure triangle is also a basic that you need to be absolutely clear of when getting in to photography. The exposure triangle is made up of ISO, shutter speed and aperture. ISO is basically all about the lighting, aperture is how much light you are going to allow in to the camera and shutter speed depends on how fast you want to capture a moment. Ideally in an area where there is a lot of light the ISO would be low. If you are unaware of how it all comes together you could always capture images on auto, but it wouldn’t always guarantee the best image.

So consider the above three essential details of capturing the perfect images and improve your camera skills today!

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