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No matter what the occasion is; her birthday, Valentine’s Day or your wedding anniversary, your lady truly deserves some pampering through little surprises and making her feel special. You can go for something store bought or completely handmade; all that matters is offering something meaningful that will stay in her heart forever. So here are some of the simple, yet romantic things you can surprise her in.

  1. A handmade card

Even the simplest gestures can mean the world to her so take the time to do a handmade card. She will truly appreciate your effort, knowing that your creative skills are not that great. How hard could it be? There are easy DIY card designs available online so all you have to do is choose, buy a few coloured paper and glitter and get to work. The message choice is clearly up to you. You can either make it romantic, witty and funny or even poetic. It is a matter of expressing how you feel and making her realize that you appreciate her for all what she does for you and the family. Rather than simply presenting it to her in the morning, you can deliver it along with a bouquet or sunflowers Singapore and a box of chocolates to her office. Nothing will lighten her up more than showing off to her colleagues what a loving husband she has.

  •  Plan a weekend getaway

She would of course love a weekend away from all the work, household chores and kids. You would see her priceless reaction when you present her with the already booked tickets to an exotic location. The destination depends on what she likes; if she is a fan of the beach, take her to Hawaii or Bahamas, if she enjoys snow, take her to the Alps. Pay attention to her during the prior few weeks so you’ll know if any important meetings are coming up that weekend. If not, you can inform her workplace, arrange for a few days off and take her away. You can even arrange a trip with her girlfriends; maybe a road trip to Miami would sound exquisite.

  • A romantic dinner

Take her down to the fancy French or Italian restaurant you always wanted to go. Pamper her with exotic wines and desserts along with some romantic live music. Contact the restaurant and make reservations in time. If not, you can cook a meal at home too. Send the kids over to their grandparents’ and prepare a simple dinner under the stars. Spending some alone time right in your home can be extremely romantic and comforting.

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