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A well designed table centerpiece almost has a magical ability to create the perfect party theme and give it that elegant yet fun look everyone craves for their baby shower. If you are reading this, either your baby, your sisters baby, your best-friend’s baby or someone’s baby is on the way. So let me make things a tad bit easier for you by giving you a few ideas on how to bring this baby shower to life.

Single Rose Arrangements

You could buy a few Roses from a florist, cut off the stems and arrange them in tiny little glass vases one by one. This can even be done with glass candle holders. You could either place these on each table or even just on the center table where all that yummy food will be kept.

Flower Votive Centerpiece

A flower vase along with a candle by its side is nothing new. It actually can be called something ordinary and boring. But have you thought of incorporating both together? Put a candle in a tumbler and tie up a flower outside of the tumbler with a cute baby ribbon (Pink or a girl and Blue for a boy). Keep the tumbler on a saucer with water in order to keep the flowers lasting fresh for longer.

Champagne flute arrangement

Champagne might not be just the right thing to bring into a baby shower. But no one said that champagne flutes weren’t allowed in did they? Considering that champagne flutes make an amazingly elegant vase for displaying flowers, I would strongly suggest that you call and online flower delivery service and get yourself some beautiful flowers.

Floating flower platter centerpiece

We’ve all seen flowers and candles floating in ponds and the like. So how about we incorporate that idea into a centerpiece. I would even call this the crisp sundress of flower arrangements. So pretty, so elegant, so easy and so fresh! You could get yourself a pretty bowl, fill it with water and add the flowers and candles into it. Or you could get yourself a pretty little tray which has holes where you could put in the flowers and candles, but do not forget to also put in a bit of water into each hole so that the candles float and the flowers don’t parch.

The paper bag centerpiece

If you’re looking for something that is environmental friendly and at the same time easily disposable, you could look into paper bag centerpieces. You can use the paper bags as vases, put in the flowers and tie the top with a cute little bow and voila! You can just throw away the paper bag once all the festivities are over and not having to worry about washing and drying the dozens of vases you may have had to. But do make sure to spray water on the flowers since you cannot put in water into a paper bag.

There are a dozen more different ways that you could create the cutest and the most elegant and simple centerpieces out there! Just wrack your brain and you might be able to come up with your own version of a centerpiece and share your creation with the world. But if you’re lazy like me, you could just pick an arrangement from the list above.

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