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Weddings get to the best of us. The more you try to hold back, the harder the tears are going to come rolling down. What is it about weddings that make us cry? It is a joyous event in which two people proclaim their commitment for each other to love and cherish for ever and somehow this godforsaken tears make their way to the agenda.

Today’s weddings are a little more than celebrating love. It is also a window that is an opportunity to break free from our busy schedules and loosen up a little bit to enjoy a few good songs and eat a belly full as the love birds say’ ’I do’’. We are all caught up in living our busy and successful lives we seldom have time to drop by to say hello to our friends or family so what better occasion than a wedding to catch up with all of them .

This expectation and enthusiasm is another reason wedding planners have a lot at stake when they plan an event. One specific item that is always in the agenda for this very reason in all weddings now is the instant photo booth Singapore that is the perfect combination of all the things that are considered ‘’in’’ right now. Selfies, social media and good friends, the ongoing winning combination of today’s wedding. They are a great hit at all weddings and a great way to document your presence on the most special day of your very close friends/ relatives.

Instagram hashtag printing has taken things to a whole level and rallied more fans around the whole concept of instant photo booths. This is where you are able to take a photo and upload in to Instagram with the event’s #hashtag. This is an amazing way to engage anybody who could not make it to the wedding so that they won’t miss all of the fun and a very creative way to leave a message for the couple who can look back on all the love and support they received from all who attended their wedding.

Every day we come across something even more innovative than what was availabletoday. This is the normof everything and anything. I can’t say for sure if that is necessarily a good or bad thing. On to one side there is the fact that there is something new to experience every day and on the stands the fact that we really don’t get to enjoy any one thing for too long.

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