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Since the establishment of YouTube in 2005, videos have taken marketing on a whole new level. It’s safe to say that a digital marketing campaign isn’t complete without video, seeing as how most of the people on social media can absorb visual content in less than a second. Instead of reading really long articles, consumers prefer to watch a 10-second video summarizing the whole thing.

With videos, it’s easier for brands to get through to their audiences. Here are a few reasons why your business should also start creating videos for your marketing campaigns:

Keeps viewer’s attention

Videos are a great way to keep your viewers engaged. More than half of the people who view your videos are visual learners so they can easily absorb your content better. No matter how long the video is, there’s a higher chance of it being watched by your target audience.Once you have them hooked on a video, it will be easier for them to recall your brand because of that video.

Explains content better

If your brand wants to educate your consumers more on your products, videos are the best way to do it. Educational videos help your viewers understand your product better and it also helps your brand connect with them about your products. You can even find different ways to deliver your content – check out this 3D animation studio in Singapore or a stop-motion type of video for your campaign.

Easily shareable

Videos have a higher chance of being shared just because it’s easier to consume than text or images. Posting your video online can enable your consumers to share it if they like it. This enables your consumers to do your marketing for you because they choose to do so. If it’s something that they can relate to, they will most likely share it on their social media channels for their friends to see.

Better SEO performance

Recently, Google has developed many tools that utilizes videos for search engine optimization. These tools can help boost your video to the right audience on all the platforms you want it to be on. It’s a more effective way to get your video out there without breaking the bank.

In the time of the digital age, videos are an integral part of each digital marketing campaign. Being the next viral sensation is not an easy feat; but if your business stays true to its core identity and its story, it’s possible that even people outside your target market will resonate with it.

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